"Isabel’s" style.

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I attempted to recreate Isabel Baldwin, who has the most interesting Maxis-made face IMO.

I didn’t really capture the likeness much, but she’s a cute sim nonetheless.

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xsims 4 xsims 4 cas demo xsims 4 demo xisabel baldwin

Aaaand it’s bullet points for the Bells again:

  • Amanda becomes a toddler with a boringly balanced personality. Cute chubby cheeks though. I’m not a fan of the cold blue eyes with the pretty dark skin.
  • Daniel is rejected for his first kiss from his friend, Xander Roth. He’s devastated.
  • For a couple with no chemistry, Hannah and Isaac sure like to try for baby a lot (at least twice a day). DENIED.
  • Tofu vows that she’ll catch those pesky fireflies! And look fab as hell trying.
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Denise: Beau, I heard you love your mother’s cheesecake.

Beau: It’s the best, man - err, ma’am!

At the table, Brandi nervously set the cheesecake down in front of Denise. Denise took a moment to look it over, and admired its texture and the divine smell of strawberries baked in.

She took the edge off with her fork and slowly put it to her mouth, chewing deliberately.

Brandi: I’ve never been so nervous. What do you think, Denise?

Denise: Good gosh Brandi. This is better than anything I have ever made, and it’s refrigerated leftovers. When can you start?

Brandi: Seriously? Oh gosh. I can’t believe this is happening. Boys, I think Mrs. Jacquet has just changed our lives.

Beau and Dustin: :DDDDD

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xsims 2 xuberhood xBrandi Broke xdenise jacquet xbeau broke xdustin broke

My game kickstarts a story idea I’d had a while back by having Brandi bring home Denise Jacquet as a work colleague (once Charmaine and Beau aged up, she got a lowly office job).

Denise: Brandi dear, I know you think working for a bunch of lawyers is the pits. I’ve had an idea. I heard you like to bake.

Brandi: I love to bake, especially for the kids. Beau can’t get enough of my cheesecake, but I should probably stop making it until he loses that puppyfat-

D: I’d love to try your cheesecake sometime.

B: Why don’t you come inside? I have some leftover in the fridge from last night.

D: Fabulous. Brandi - I own a bakery in Bluewater Village and I’m going to be moving out of town soon, and I really need a chef. Now, I’m desperate but I’m not going to hire just anyone, of course. But if you’re willing and I like what you’ve made… would you consider working for me? I’d ensure you wouldn’t have to work weekends, and you’d work within the hours that your kids are away at school. What do you say?

B: Oh my gosh, Denise. Me? You want me to bake for you?

D: Well, I have to try your wares first, but if it lives up to the hype, I’m as good as sold.

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xsims 2 xuberhood xBrandi Broke xdenise jacquet

Reason #53,453,980,645 why I love Dina: who else would use the “kiss kiss darling” gesture when interacting with children? <333

Charmaine loves her colourful Aunt Dina!

Angela’s not quite so enarmoured.

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It’s Beau’s birthday and Brandi makes him his favourite, cheesecake. :)

He grows up into a Popularity/Knowledge sim.

Charmaine also ages up, into her brothers’ hand-me-downs, which she thinks is the coolest.

Dirtbags Dustin and Angela sneak off during the “Happy Birthday” video to go woohoo in Brandi’s bed. D:

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xsims 2 xuberhood xbeau broke xcharmaine broke xdustin broke xangela pleasant

My very inventive storytelling plot for Carlos is “woohoo as many sims as you can until you die”.

Not much else happening in his household, except he did meow and slurp during foreplay with Chloe. She didn’t seem to mind.

They also had a dream date, so Carlos should be hitting paydirt soon.

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Selfsim. The demo doesn’t have anything resembling my real eye colour, so it could never be an uncanny likeness, IMO.

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Did you upload her to the Gallery ?

Yes, look under “Huffington”. My Origin username is Allneon5. :)

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