I moved the Cordials into 105 Sim Lane in Pleasantview (it’s that house next to the Goth manor) and am in the process of sprucing it up a bit without changing the shell of it.

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Holy moly, I cracked 1,000,000 downloads at MTS! Thanks, you guys!

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Word’s obviously got around that Armand is seeing Kimberly again, because his co-worker friend Linda came home with him and immediately set him up on a blind date. Down came Gretchen Chin (what a tongue twister!).

Gretchen: Ugh, there’s got to be a better way to arrive for a date.

The two have three bolts (nice work, Linda). In fact, Gretchen is Armand’s highest chem match after Kimberly. The two get along extremely well.

Tara’s cooked a group meal that everyone enjoys.

Armand: Who’s your friend, Tara?

Tara: Alex. *looks dreamily at Alexander*

Armand: I’m not sure I approve of-

Tara: Alexander Goth.

Armand: Welcome to our home, Alexander.

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Tara: Yo, Justin, wanna come over? Dad’s out and I didn’t get any homework today so- huh? Brittany again? But we haven’t seen each other in ages! OK, fine. Guess I’ll just call someone else. Bye loser. … oh, hi Alexander! Wanna come hang out? I’m bored. OK, cool! See you soon!

after Alexander has arrived.

Tara: Why do you look so constipated?

Alexander: I promised myself that the next time I saw you, I was going to tell you…

Tara: Yessss?

Alexander: I kinda like you. A lot.

*ACR kicks in*

Tara: Oh, wow! I totally thought it was going to be a boring afternoon. Guess I underestimated you, Alex!

Alexander: I get that a lot.

Tara: <3

Alexander: <3

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Waitress: And here are your orde- oh nooooooo….

Armand: What’s that rattling sound? OH DANG IT

John: Oh shit. Out comes the diva in Armand.

Trevor: Huh?

John: Just watch.


Waitress: I’m terribly sorry.

Armand: I was going to wear it later tonight to impress Kim when-

Julien: Wait, what? You’re seeing Kim again?

John: Kim? Who’s he?

Armand: Kimberly. My ex. Uh yes, gentlemen, I’m kind of seeing her again.

Julien: But she’s toxic, Armand! She cheated on you!

John: *heart quietly breaks*

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  • OTP (one true pairing): Bella and Mortimer Goth
  • OT3 (one true threesome): Jimmy Phoenix/Heather Huffington/Ripp Grunt
  • Favorite Female Ship: Nina Caliente/Chastity Gere
  • Favorite Male Ship: Jared Starchild/Ty Bubbler
  • Favorite Teen Ship: Johnny Smith/Ophelia Nigmos
  • Favorite College Ship: DJ Verse/Zoe Zimmermann
  • Favorite Elder Ship: Luis Aspir/Denise Jacquet
  • Favorite May/December Ship (adult/elder): Dina Caliente/Michael Bachelor
  • Favorite Married/Engaged Maxis Couple: Bella and Mortimer Goth
  • Best Unrequited Love: Ripp Grunt for Jules O’Mackey
  • Best Love/Hate Relationship: Alexandra Teatherton/Gabe O’Mackey
  • Best Friends with Benefits: Gabriel Green/Chastity Gere
  • Sweetest Ship: John Burb/Florence Delarosa
  • Hottest Ship: Sharon Wirth/Leod McGreggor
  • Funniest Ship: Olive Specter/Consort Capp
  • Favorite Uberhood Ship: Olive Specter/Consort Capp
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bathtubpiracy replied to your post: didilysims replied to your photoset “E…

ugh, god i know right 8D she kind of reminds me of rita skeeter. i imagine jo rowling has a lot of fun writing skeeter.

Haha! That, by default, makes Erin a Sybill Trelawney type.

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More Jodie. :)

Her face inspires me.

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Like I did with the YAs, I went through the sim bin to see who I could makeover and add to the main hood as townies for eventual spouse fodder/gene pool interest.

Welcome to my uberhood Jodie, Matthew, Julien and Jason! (and sorry, Jessica Picaso, but you had to go. I’ll let Matthew keep your grave and you can haunt his second wife).

Can’t believe there was ever a time that I thought Jodie Larson was ugly. She looks like a cross between Eva Green and Liv Tyler.

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Developments for the Cordials, in bullet form:

  • Samantha was “enjoying” a lonely lunch, thinking about how cruel it was that she was super ready to become a mom, but had nobody on the horizon that she’d even consider procreating with. To add insult to injury, expectant mothers Vivian and Natasha greeted her. Lola Curious was also there, and introduced herself shortly thereafter.

S: Are you pregnant too, and just not showing yet?

L: Oh, gosh no.

S: What a relief, there’s at least two of us in the h-

L: But my brother is.

S: Ha! You’re such a kidder. I like you, Lola!

  • Armand had caught Kimberly in bed with Carlos Contender. She wanted to make amends, and while he initially did not want to hear it, one sad downcast glance of her emerald Bambi eyes and things swiftly repaired themselves.
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